2,3,5-Triiodobenzoic Acid

2,3,5-Triiodobenzoic Acid
Product Description
Product Specifications:
  • Molecular Formula : C7H3O2I3
  • Molecular Weight : 499.81
  • CAS No. : 88-82-4
  • Appearance : Slight yellow or white solid crystals
  • Melting point : 218 - 222°C
  • Moisture : 0.5% (maximum)
  • Assay : 97% (minimum)
  • Solubiliity : Insoluble in water
  • Stability : Stable under normal conditions

2,3,5-Triiodobenzoic Acid (TIBA) is an inhibitor of polar auxin transport and more commonly known as TIBA. It is Used as a plant growth regulator and controller. It suppresses somatic embryo formation and postembryonic shoot / root development in Eleutherococcus senticosus.

Application of Triiodobenzoic Acid:

In the presence of 2,3,5 triiodobenzoic acid (TIBA), an auxin polar transport inhibitor, embryo formation from embryogenic cells are suppressed, while cell division are not affected. When globular embryos at different stages are transferred onto medium containing TIBA, development of axial and bilateral polarity is suppressed in a stage specific manner. In abnormal embryos induced by TIBA, further development of shoot and root apical meristems and vascular differentiation is also suppressed. Thus, abnormal development of embryos induced by inhibition of triiodobenzoic acid results in plantlets without shoots and roots.
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