Product Specifications
  • C6H8N2
  • 2-8°C, Other
  • 99-102 °C
  • 7-8 (50g/l, H2O, 20℃)
  • 256-258 °C(lit.)
  • 202-430-6
  • o-Phenylenediamine
  • 95-54-5
  • 98.0%
  • white to off-white, Other
  • Solid
Product Description
Our ortho-phenylenediamine is air and dampness sensitive, while the nearness of either will, in general, hasten shading disintegration. It is utilized as an intermediate in the production of rubber chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes, fungicides and different chemicals. This compound is additionally utilized in photographic, scientific methods and different procedures. The delivered ortho-phenylenediamine is a powerless sweet-smelling amine base that removes acids in exothermic reactions to create salts. It can be incongruent with isocyanates, halogenated organics, peroxides, phenols, epoxides, anhydrides, and corrosive halides. In addition, it obscures on representation to air. We can also supply this compound in varied compositions and packages to suit the customers’ requirements.

Key Features:

1) Can be utilized as a cationic dye intermediate
2) The primary material of carbendazim and pesticides
3) Functions as an analytical reagent
4) Used for additives, pesticides and dyes

Product Details:

1) Product Name : Ortho-phenylenediamine
2) Molecular Formula : C6H8N2 or C6H4(NH2)2
3) Molecular Weight : 108.144 g/mol
4) IUPAC Name : benzene-1,2-diamine
5) CAS No : 95-54-5
6) EC Number : 202-430-6
7) Exact Mass : 108.069 g/mol
8) Monoisotopic Mass : 108.069 g/mol
9) Color/Form : Brownish-yellow leaflets from water; plates from chloroform
10) Boiling Point : 257.0°C
11) Melting Point : 102.5°C
12) Flash Point : 313°F
13) Solubility : Soluble in water, ethyl ether, benzene, chloroform; very soluble in ethanol
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