Para Benzoquinone

Para Benzoquinone
Product Description
The para benzoquinone is a class of natural exacerbates that is formally acquired from sweet-smelling mixes, for example, naphthalene or benzene by transformation of a much number of – CH= batches into – C(=O)– groups alongside any important modification of twofold bonds, bringing about a completely conjugated cyclic dione structure. Our business provides para benzoquinone with most reduced industrial price, regular basis and high quality. This is mostly utilized as an antecedent to hydroquinone that is utilized in photography and rubber production as a diminishing agent and cell reinforcement. It is a skeletal muscle relaxant and ganglion blocking agent that is produced using benzoquinone.

Key Features:

1) Utilized as a hydrogen acceptor
2) Functions as an oxidant in the natural synthesis
3) Serves as dehydrogenation substance
4) Utilized as a dienophile in reactions of Diels Alder


1) Product Name : Para Benzoquinone
2) Chemical formula : C6H4O2
3) Color : yellow to green
4) Molecular weight(calculated) : 108.10
5) Melting point c (f) : 113 (235)
6) Moisture content : wt% 0.2
7) Loss on drying : 0.2%
8) Specific gravity : 20/4c 1.32
9) CAS Number : 106-51-4
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